Last month S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley welcomed her “hero hubby” Michael Haley back from a one-year deployment to Afghanistan with the National Guard.

Haley – a “diversity officer” with the S.C. National Guard – wasn’t “fighting for our freedoms,” though.

Hell, he wasn’t even fighting.  Instead, Haley was part of an irrigation effort aimed at “providing for the sustainability of Afghanistan’s water resources,” specifically “strengthening the capacity of the provincial level agriculture ministry’s ability to develop, execute, monitor and assess water management projects.”


Wait … why in the hell does America care about provincial water management in Afghanistan?

Because it doesn’t want Afghan farmers to produce opium – which fuels the nation’s drug trade.  To suppress opium production, federal government has spent a whopping $10 billion in Afghanistan on efforts to shut down poppy production and foster the growth of other crops.

Has that been money well spent?

No …

According to John Sopko – the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction – opium production in Afghanistan is soaring. Sopko says a total of 5,500 tons of opium was produced by Afghan farmers in 2013 – up from 3,700 tons in 2012.  That’s a record.  Meanwhile more than 516,000 acres of farmland in Afghanistan are currently devoted to opium production – up from 183,000 acres in 2002.

That’s also a record …

So to recap, S.C. First Gentleman Michael Haley goes to Afghanistan as part of a $10 billion effort to slow opium production … and opium production then soars to record levels.

Nice work, dude. Nice work.