10 responses to “Press Statement From SC Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell”

  1. DF says:

    Now the College can finally get that Antebellum Studies major off the ground.

  2. yummy says:

    Translation: I have assurances from the Board that I am a shoe-in, so why waste $$$ on another re-election, when I can appear all serious-minded and committed about my new gray train?

  3. Halfvast Conspirator says:

    Will he get to wear a uniform if he is hired? Will he go from a general to Jeff Davis? And how does one “make myself available for consideration by the Search Committee”? Maybe I can make my dog available for consideration? Is the job posted on-line, with an application form?

  4. Fred says:

    McConnell is an honorable man and just like taking the Lt. Gov post to fulfill the duties of the constitution, He is doing what is right!

    Alot of you Constitution quoting TEA Partiers could take some major pointers from McConnell on the proper use of our State Constitution.

  5. CampusGloryHole says:

    He can’t wait to cruise the men’s rooms at C of C.

  6. Philip Branton says:

    Heck, I know three women that would do a better job in this position than Glenn that work at SPAWAR Atlantic. Cynthia Lattimore, Sharon Neibch and Shawn Alexander….. and they know how to “educate”…!!! Matter of fact, their ethics alone qualify them to lead students at the CofC..!! Just sit back and think for a minute, what kind of presser is this and what type of example is this setting for the students at CofC..? If Glenn relates the CofC to being a woman then who better to lead an institution than a WOMAN..!? Glenn may be a lawyer but I highly wager that these 3 women could write and understand a service contract better..!! Students at the CofC need to go nutz…!! They are going to let this nut lead them and he smooched BOEING with 900 Million in taxpayer loot without a VOTE.? If these students think their tuition is high now……….just wait til the McConnell “pump” is fired up. Endowments will be pimped and go up……tuition will be on the rise to squeeze the “irregulars” and actual student DEBT will soar through the MUSC morgue..!!

    This script is so predictable…!!

  7. Jim says:

    This is incorrect in using the word “re-election”. He is choosing not to stand for “election”. He has never been elected lt. governor, which you need to be before running for re-election.

  8. idiotwind says:

    where did they get the technology to pack so much shit into a 6 foot tall package? from his apparent dimensions i would estimate that the Lt. Gov. is ‘double-stufd’

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