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More Trouble For Stephen Goldfinch



S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) is already under federal indictment for his role in an illegal stem cell operation … now the “Republican” lawmaker is facing a breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit for his role in a treasure hunting scam.

You read that right … a treasure hunting scam.

According to court documents uncovered by The Brownsville (Texas) Herald, Goldfinch conned treasure hunter William E. Kenon of Port Isabel, Texas – who is now suing the shady lawmaker for $200 million.

“Goldfinch told Mr. Kenon he was a lawyer and a state legislator who was also a diver and treasure hunter,” the complaint states. “Goldfinch told Mr. Kenon he knew of two other (unknown) shipwrecks which could be salvaged, and he had a money-making proposition for Mr. Kenon: Goldfinch could provide Kenon with his secret knowledge about the wrecks, provide divers for the Rio Bravo, and Goldfinch and Mr. Kenon could make a lot of money.”

Kenon and Goldfinch met in September 2012, at which point the suit claims “Goldfinch reiterated he was a South Carolina lawyer and influential state legislator who was very knowledgeable about shipwrecks and diving, and he had a knack for business deals. He bragged about making 5 million dollars off the sale and distribution of stem cells in Texas.”

Hmmmm … wonder if the federal agents investigating Goldfinch’s role in the stem cell scam know about that claim?

Goldfinch is also accused of offering to use his “influence as a powerful lawyer and state legislator” to get Kenon access to explore South Carolina’s inland waterways.

According to Kenon’s complaint, Goldfinch recommended the two incorporate under a finder’s agreement – however Goldfinch drafted a separate incorporation agreement that enabled him and another partner to cut Kenon out of the company.

“Mr. Kenon repeatedly requested Goldfinch re-draft the Operating Agreement to be consistent with the original Finders Agreement, but he refused to do so,” the complaint alleges. “Instead, Goldfinch emphasized that he was a very powerful lawyer and legislator in South Carolina, and if Mr. Kenon wanted Goldfinch out of the picture, it was going to cost Mr. Kenon money to take him out.”

Wow …

FITS became wise to Goldfinch this year when he proposed that Palmetto State taxpayers subsidize yet another institution of higher learning – the Charleston School of Law.  We were also the first outlet to report on his stem cell scam.

As far as we’re concerned, he is the definition of “a piece of work” and has no business holding a position of public trust …

Of course neither does South Carolina’s governor, Speaker of the House, etc., etc., etc.