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The “Hate Obamacare” Winner



The only thing we find surprising about State Senator Bob Rucho is that he’s a North Carolina politician … not a South Carolina one.

How come? Well, the anti-Obamacare rhetoric elevates exponentially once you cross into the Palmetto State’s borders (even if South Carolina’s GOP leaders are stunningly hypocritical regarding the law).

Anyway Rucho – a 65-year-old Republican dentist from the Charlotte suburbs – has won the “Hate Obamacare” prize. By a landslide, people. Seriously … you may think you hate Obamacare, but Bob Rucho hates it more than you do. A LOT more. In fact Rucho believes the evil of U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine law outweighs all of the evil done by the Nazis, Soviets and “terrorists.”

Like … combined.

Wait … what?

Yup. The math according to Rucho: “Nazis + Soviets + Terrorists < Obamacare.”

In fact here’s the tweet Rucho sent out earlier this week articulating this view …

Wow …

Over the last four years this website has written dozens – if not hundreds – of articles blasting Obamacare (often using the coarsest vernacular). We opposed it when it was first unveiled. We opposed it while it was being shoved through a Democratic-controlled U.S. Congress, after it passed and during the debate over its repeal. We also strongly supported efforts by fiscal conservatives to keep funding for Obamacare out of the federal budget – and slammed those “Republicans” who sold out before the battle had even begun.

Our opposition to Obamacare isn’t reflexive, it is based on the thoroughly well-documented contention that excessive government regulation of the health care industry has yielded substandard care and soaring costs – and that an unprecedented expansion of such regulation will only make things worse.

Our opposition to Obamacare is also based on the belief that our fragile economy simply cannot afford the program and its billions of dollars in new taxes and crippling mandates on businesses.

Finally, our opposition to Obamacare is based on the belief that government has no right to compel free citizens to participate in a marketplace against their will.

Look … we’re not above throwing Nazi references out there, but context is key. For the charge to stick, the subject of the criticism must actually be doing something Nazi-esque (like this). Rucho badly missed that context – reinforcing the very worst stereotypes of Obamacare opponents in the process.