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Stephen Goldfinch Says He’s Staying Put



The South Carolina lawmaker facing federal charges in a stem cell harvesting scam isn’t resigning – nor does he expect to be removed from office.

Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-SC) – whose involvement in the scam was first exposed by FITS – announced just before the Thanksgiving break (in diabolically manipulative fashion) that he was pleading guilty to federal charges of “mislabeling” stem cells.

If charged with a crime of “moral turpitude,” Goldfinch would be suspended from office.

“It is ultimately up to the speaker, but after talking to them, it doesn’t look like it falls into any of those categories,” Goldfinch told The Nerve, a Columbia, S.C. website.

Goldfinch is blaming his involvement in the scam on former Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) employee Dr. Vincent Dammai.

“I trusted him,” Goldfinch told The Nerve. “The guy went to church with us, and he hoodwinked me.”

Dammai is having none of it. In an email to FITS, he blasted Goldfinch – calling him a liar.

“Right now he is on a media tour to discredit and defame me knowing that I am depleted of my resources to fight back,” Dammai said. “Everything he is saying are lies and I have emails and documents to prove it.”

Dammai added that Goldfinch was the one who “marketed, sold and shipped (stem) cells” to Francisco Morales of Brownsville, Texas – the guy who was exposed in a recent 60 Minutes feature for his stem cell quackery. According to Dammai, he didn’t have “any idea who Morales was.”

In other words this case is going to get very interesting …

Other unanswered questions? The role MUSC played in the scam – as well as a pair of birthing centers in Conway, S.C. (which allegedly harvested the stem cells).

Goldfinch is an anti-free market “Republican,” as evidenced by his efforts to expand South Carolina’s already bloated, duplicative and inefficient system of higher education.

But even if he were a hard core friend of free markets (and friend of individual liberty), this episode would have still raised some serious red flags regarding his character (or lack thereof).