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“Thug Life” Stirs The Pot Again



For those of you unfamiliar with the website Charleston Thug Life, it is must read material – especially in light of the surge of gang-related violence in the Palmetto State.

The website tracks the social media exploits of some of South Carolina’s most notorious criminals (and their friends and families) – providing a vantage point few in the mainstream media are willing to provide.

CTL is raw. Uncensored. Politically incorrect … but it’s also relevant. And increasingly influential.

The website’s latest hit?

A big post on Michael Juan Smith (a.k.a. Flame Da SluGa) – the 20-year-old gang banger whose bullet paralyzed an 18-year-old University of South Carolina student last week. A convicted felon, Smith was on parole at the time of the incident – part of a disturbing pattern of judicial lenience toward violent offenders in the Palmetto State.

Anyway … CTL’s post includes numerous screen captures from Smith’s friends and family attempting to defend him in the wake of the shooting (as well as several images of Smith getting his “hood rat on”).

Here’s the choicest cut, in which one sympathizer opines that Smith “ain’t shoot that bitch on purpose.”

screen grab

Now here’s a post from Smith’s brother, “Rod G Gizzle …”

screen grab 2

Ah, yes … “some real live f*ck sh*t.”

And here’s an older Facebook entry from “Flame Da SlugGa” himself …

screen grab 3

Anyway, to view all of the Facebook screen grabs, click here.