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Netflix Scores Again



The original series House of Cards has been a coup for digital entertainment provider Netflix – landing the company millions of new subscribers. Is it worth the $100 million price tag? That remains to be seen – but early indications are positive.

On the heels of House of Cards success, earlier this month Netflix released another critically acclaimed series – Orange is the New Black.

Created by Jenji Kohan (of Weeds‘ fame), Orange is the New Black focuses on the plight of Piper Chapman (portrayed by Taylor Schilling), a well-to-do white girl from Connecticut who lands in a minimum security federal prison in New York after she’s busted smuggling drug money for her lover Alex Vause (portrayed by Laura Prepon).

Chapman and Vause’s prison relationship – and Chapman’s difficulty in sustaining her engagement to fiancee Larry Bloom (portrayed by Jason Biggs) – are the pillars of the show. But Orange is the New Black isn’t a love (triangle) story, it’s a jarring, at times haunting look at the sorry state of the America’s corrupt correctional system – probably the most urgent prison-themed drama we’ve seen since The Shawshank Redemption.

Is it realistic? Who knows … hopefully we’ll never have anything to compare it to. But like House of Cards, it is remarkably well-written, acted and produced. And thus thoroughly addictive.

Based on the real life experiences of memoirist Piper Kerman, Orange is the New Black was picked up for a second season by Netflix before its first season had even been released. That’s how good it is.

To see (and sign up) for yourself, click here … 

New seasons of both shows will debut on Netflix in 2014. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend signing up so you can watch them …