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U.S. Disposable Income: Going Nowhere



Our new favorite website has an interesting chart up this week showing the status of disposable income in the United States – a.k.a. the amount of money people can invest in the economy after paying taxes.

Disposable income, of course, is not to be confused with discretionary income – which is the money people have left over to spend after paying taxes and bills.

Anyway … now that we’ve concluded our home economics lesson for the day, is everybody ready for the chart?

Here you go …

(Click to enlarge)

disposable per capita

Chart: Zerohedge

For those of you keeping score at home, in December 2006 real disposable income in the United States stood at $32,729 per person. Last month? It was $32,663.

“For those claiming there is something called a ‘recovery’ underway, perhaps they can point out just where on this chart of Real Disposable Income per capita one can find said recovery,” Tyler Durden wrote for Zero Hedge.

Yes … that Tyler Durden.