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Heritage Foundation: Still Neocon Whoring



We had hoped Jim DeMint’s decision to leave the U.S. Senate and take the reins of the Heritage Foundation would result in a shift in that organization’s support for the mindless (and unnecessary) expansion of the American military industrial complex.

Apparently not … or at least not yet.

This week the “conservative” think tank offered up a post outlining “6 Things The Next U.S. Budget Should Do.” One of them? “Fully fund national defense.”

“President (Barack) Obama has already been shrinking our military capabilities, and this can’t continue if we are going to defend ourselves,” the post states. “North Korea’s recent nuclear threats are a reminder that our forces must be modernized and ready at all times.”


What Heritage fails to point out is post-sequester American military spending remains well above our nation’s Cold War peak – with no Cold War to fight. That’s according to data from The Cato Institute, a Washington, D.C. think tank which takes principled stands based on real data as opposed to pandering to neocon whores like U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

We’re not saying national defense isn’t a core function of government – it clearly is – but our military spending isn’t focused on national defense, it is focused instead on imperialism and global policing (two things we can no longer afford). Also, America’s interventionist foreign policy has made us a target … which has made our citizens less safe.

If the Heritage Foundation were serious about supporting responsible budgeting (and advancing our national security), its leaders would acknowledge these realities as opposed to continuing to provide cover for fiscal liberals like Graham and McCain.

DeMint doesn’t officially become Heritage’s new leader until April 3. Hopefully at that point he will put a plug in this neocon nonsense and join the scholars at Cato in promoting a more responsible approach to military spending.