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To the wire!


TIP: Did you hear that Nikki Haley supporters were voting in a block against Curtis Loftis at the SCGOP convention?

FITS: We assume you are referring to the voting for 2012 GOP convention delegates, right? If so, didn’t Loftis get more votes than anybody else?



QUESTION: Are they serious about investigating her this time?

FITS: No. They’re not. At least not as far as we can tell.



TIP: You praised the SCOSC for following the letter of the law on “Bloody Wednesday” but they have not done so uniformly. Consider the court’s ruling in Georg v. Municipal Election Commission of the City of Charleston (1999), in which the SCOSC clearly rebuked the “letter of the law” argument.

“Courts justly consider the main purpose of such laws, namely, the obtaining of a fair election and an honest return, as paramount in importance to the minor requirements which prescribe the formal steps to reach that end, and, in order not to defeat the general design, are frequently led to ignore such innocent irregularities of election officers as are free of fraud, and have not interfered with a full and fair expression of the voter’s choice.”

FITS: That’s very interesting … good find, by the way.



TIP: Did you see this story about four Democratic candidates in Chesterfield County being improperly removed from the ballot?

FITS: We didn’t, but stories like this are popping up all over the state. It’s what happens when incompetence and corruption get together … and no corner of South Carolina is more corrupt or incompetent than Chesterfield County.



TIP: Just spoke with Darrell Hudson’s daughter at Hudson’s Smokehouse in Lexington, S.C.. Asked her what was the deal with her dad not being on the ballot. She said he tried to file twice and was denied. The first time, before the deadline, he was told to file at a later date. When he tried to file at the later date he was given by the Lex. Repblican office, he was told that the deadline had passed. This needs to be exposed.

FITS: We agree. There is so much shadiness associated with the ongoing ballot drama it’s hard to know where to start covering all of it.



QUESTION: Just curious about why you didn’t include this info re Chas. County GOP Chair. The Fb screen shot has been bumping around for days.

FITS: Sorry … we’ve been busy exposing Charleston County GOP Chairwoman Lin Bennett for other, more flagrant wrongdoings.



TIP: Take a look at (S.C. Department of Social Services) director Lillian Koller. Spending millions on out of state consultants. Creating new high paid management levels. [8 new regional directors.] Requiring entry level SNAP workers to perform Family Independence work and not paying these workers what Family Independence workers are now making. [This is a lawsuit ready to happen.] State work being contracted out to out of state entities. This lady is going to leave this state in a mess just like she left Hawaii. [There is much more to this mess].

FITS: Thank you for the tip – we’ve reached out to you for more specific information.



You should investigate whether (S.C. Parks Recreation and Tourism director) Duane Parrish recently had one of his  hotels placed in receivership.

FITS: Is this about the Candlewood Suites in North Charleston, S.C.? We contacted Parrish last week about this but have yet to hear back from him.



QUESTION: Why are you complaining about the unemployment rate when it continues to go down? Please stop trying to find clouds in clear skies.

FITS: We’re all about the numbers here – and  in April 2012 South Carolina’s labor force and the total number of its employed citizens shrank. It used to be people cared only whether the jobless rate went up or down, but now people are



QUESTION: You haven’t reported on South Carolina’s “underemployment rate” in some time. Why not? And what is it?

FITS: Good point. We have been slack on that … and offer no excuses. The underemployment rate is a broader, more accurate measure of joblessness that includes workers who are “marginally attached” to the labor force as well as those who are “employed part time for economic reasons.” Measured quarterly, South Carolina’s underemployment rate is currently 17.8 percent – the fifth highest rate in America.



TIP: That’s how much each American household’s share of the national debt has increased since last March.

FITS: That’s insane in the membrane …



TIP: From a petition I found on
“The government has taken one of our (stay at home moms and dads) greatest rights, the ability to build and have credit in our name.

As of Oct 2011 stay at home moms and dads can no longer use household income when applying for a credit card. They need to use their own income/salary when applying for a credit card.

What? We have no income (or very little) we quit our salaried jobs to stay at home and raise our children.

I do all the finances in my house. I have always been the one to get out the credit cards, signing my husband up as a secondary card holder. My credit score is above 750 and I am no longer eligible to take out a credit card. Applying for a new credit card and not being eligible is how I found out about the new ‘rule’.

Based on what this law says stay at homes have to use their ‘individual income’.

Well, in most cases that income would be zero. If we were to use our ‘individual income’ when filing taxes we would qualify for, the low income tax credit, subsidized housing ……etc.”
This issue effects a lot of people and is bad for the economic recovery. It is a blatantly unjust rule that is a great example of the overreach of federal regulation and the law of unintended consequences.

It has just over 50 signatures as of this morning. I would like to see it grow to thousands or millions of signatures and become a major issue that gets the attention of politicians and regulators. If you would help by giving it some space on your blog, I would really appreciate it.

FITS: You’re welcome …



TIP: I can’t stand this guy as an NBA owner, but give him credit.  This is an outstanding piece.

FITS: Why can’t you stand him as an owner? It’s not because Dirk Nowitzki is white, is it? Kidding … this is a great piece.



TIP: Here’s an excellent recap of what created the Greek crisis.

FITS: Good read. Thanks for sharing.


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