meghan mccain

Meghan McCain was just lounging around her New York apartment Wednesday evening in sweat pants and a tank top … having a “spontaneous night in” with takeout (Chinese?) and a new Andy Warhol biography.

Sounds relaxing, huh?

But then – in a moment that showcases the perils of having large breasts in the Republican Party – the 25-year-old buxom blond bombshell (and daughter of former GOP presidential nominee John McCain) snapped a picture of herself and posted it to her Twitter page – inadvertently unleashing a minor media tsunami.

What’s wrong with the picture?

Nothing … well, unless you were born prior to 1950.

Within minutes of this admittedly PG picture being posted, however, a surprising wave of controversy ensued.  One commenter on Twitter even called McCain a “slut,” which obviously didn’t go over very well.  Before long, CNN was running a story that referenced McCain’s appearance on Twitter “in a tank top that left little to the … imagination.”

McCain has since removed her busty Twitpic, calling it a “huge mistake” and apologizing to “anyone that was offended.” In fact, she deleted her entire photo gallery (editor’s note: :( )

Alas, our founding editor checked (several times) … and it’s not there.

McCain even threatened to get “the f*ck off Twitter” altogether, but eventually decided to address the “nontroversy” via her column on The Daily Beast instead …

On Wednesday, I posted a hastily taken self-portrait on Twitter—which I thought was funny and silly—and within a few hours I had caused a minor media scandal. I spent most of the next day thinking about what exactly was so shocking about the picture, why there was such an immediate and nasty overreaction. After all, it’s not like I was caught making a sex tape. I certainly didn’t pose nude for Playboy. And I hadn’t even exposed a nipple.

So why all this Sturm und Drang?

Could it be it’s because I have breasts? Because for those of you who didn’t know, I have two. They’re larger than some women’s and not as big as others. I don’t usually show off my cleavage—as I did in the photos I posted—which I will admit is not the smartest thing I have ever done. But it’s just not worth the drama it caused.

McCain finishes the column by saying “I just wanted to get that off my chest.”


Frankly, we don’t get why Republicans can’t publicly accept the fact that women have boobs.  After all, it’s become particularly obvious this year that GOP politicians LOVE boobs in private – especially boobs that belong to women other than their wives.

The bottom line is that Meghan McCain’s “bustiness” is no more or less scandalous than her black nail polish (swoon) or the “NOH8” image that’s currently serving as her Twitter backdrop.

Seriously, for those of you looking for true “busty Twit pics,” check out Coco (and all the GOP hypocrites went CLICK!) …