The rumored involvement of several Clemson University administrators in an alleged housing scam was brought to the attention of a Skull and Bones-style secret society on campus last December, multiple sources have told FITS.

It was after this December gathering of the “Tiger Brotherhood,” these sources say, that records are said to have started disappearing from a local Register of Deeds website.

This cloak and dagger allegation is the latest volley in what appears to be a full-fledged Civil War at Clemson between the University’s top administration and a growing nucleus of disgruntled faculty and staff “watchdogs.”

At issue is the allegation that Clemson officials may have profited from decisions made in an official capacity – or at least attempted to do so – and then covered their actions.

Clemson says these allegations are categorically untrue.

Through their attorney, the Clemson administrators – including Provost Dori Helms – have flatly denied any association with Clemson Academic Ventures, LLC, the “Highpointe of Clemson” condominium development or Tom Winkopp, the developer of the property that will house 400 University “Bridge Program” students beginning this fall.

Clemson general counsel Clay Steadman also told FITS that signed affidavits would be provided today solidifying these sweeping – and we might add, forceful – denials.

Another attorney claiming to be associated with the case took an even sterner approach with our founding editor.

“Keep it up and you will be a defendant in a lawsuit,” he said.

Our original sources are standing by their story, details of which you can read about by clicking here.

For more on Clemson’s response, click here.

The alleged involvement of the “Tiger Brotherhood” in the story is a new wrinkle, however, because its members include University President Jim Barker and several members of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Described in a recent news article as “a professional, albeit very covert, networking, service and social fraternity of people connected to Clemson,” the “Brotherhood” participates in numerous service projects and has long been informally responsibly for defending the integrity of the University.

And while multiple sources have told us the “Brotherhood” discussed these allegations in December, other sources have contradicted that account or refused to discuss the organization’s dealings.

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